The love Triangle 

Blossoming  like flowers in spring, 

Together  like siasames,never separatable,

Sticking around each other like peas in pods

A normal  couple..
He had his share of glamour 

Just for the day and some time

At dusk to dawn,he would be fine,

Loving,caring,all the possibilities. .
He is a lad,in fact a gentleman, 

When the sun rays spread

A new day and dawn

He’s  a  different  guy .
Have intimacy and fun

with other people 

He always  admires or feels like,

Sounds absurd, and crazy..

The two sides of him



Your heart,all love leaking,

Mind in a turmoil, 

A string of crazy thoughts,

All crisscrossing in your head….
Everything you had is bleaking 

The entire universe is closing up,

The ground splitting up, too 

This is so tough, so rough…
I don’t know  if I can handle,

All this pain in my chest,

It’s  bursting, burning  inside, 

No peace  within, am spoiling 


Time is stretched so thin

forever  beyond  reach

But a fixture  in mind

Burned into memory 

By the raging hungers

The years hasn’t lessened

The vivid  recollection .

Attempt  to anchor 

But duty has me stretched 

To wits end.


A Prisoner .:

With no  bonds,

No  chains ,

No  rattles ,

Just a prisoner ,

Of oneself ,

No emotions tangled up 

No charisma pull 

Am a prisoner 

Of oneself 

 Am a prisoner of my ownself